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Birthday Party Package Details


Fun for Kids of All Ages

Our birthday party packages are fun, memorable events for kids of all ages!  This page lays out some basics of our birthday party package.  To make a reservation, email manager@techtimegaming.com, call 571-206-1400, or stop by the store!  Our reservation form is also available here but before completing a form, please check with us to see if your desired time is available.

The Basic Package

Our basic $275 package includes a two-hour event, booked any day of the week during our normal business hours.  You'll get 12 reserved regular PC and/or console stations with access to approximately 40 games, use of our 11x22' party room, and a host to make sure things run smoothly.   You provide the food and drink.   Unfortunately, alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Our Typical Birthday Party Format

On the day of the party, you'll arrive about 15-20 minutes ahead of time to decorate the party room if you wish.  We'll reserve a block of gaming stations just for you.  At the event's start, we'll put the guests' gaming stations into free play mode so you won't have to worry about setting up accounts.  Our staff will assist guests with using our game management system.  It can be a little busy right at this moment, but once guests get the hang of navigating the game system, things settle down and guests focus on enjoying the games.  Guests typically play for about 90 minutes with a break for pizza, then retreat to the party room for cake, but the timing for your party is up to you!

Wide Variety of Games to Choose From

We have over 40 games available, including many of today's popular titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Smash Brothers.  We also have classics from the Atari and Sega days.

Our games range in age appeal from 8 to adult.  Almost all are fine for kids' parties.  A full list of games is here.  Feel free to ask us about any title and we'll gladly give your our opinion on suitability.

Want Us to Handle the Food & Drinks?

If you'd like us to provide pizza and soft drinks, as well as basic table settings, we will happily do so for $75 for a party of 12 playing guests.

Feel Free to Bring Your Own Controller

Although most of our gaming stations are PC's, guests can still enjoy our games by plugging in Xbox or Playstation controllers so that they can play as if they were on a game console.  Guests may bring in their own controller or borrow one from us.  

Got a Bigger Party?

If you have more than 12 playing guests, add them to the party list for $15 per person for the two-hour event.  You may purchase the extra spots on the day of the event.

Extend the Fun!

If you would like to extend the amount of play time for your party, you can do so for a flat fee of $50 per hour for your group.  You may make your decision the day of the party.

If you'd like to hold on to the party room during your extended gaming time, you may do so for $100.  For room scheduling purposes, you do need to make this request at the time of your reservation.

Upgrade to Our VIP Machines!

Our regular PC stations feature i5 CPUs, 1070 GPUs and 27" monitors.  Our 12 VIP stations feature i7 CPUs, 1080 GPUs and 32" curved monitors for enhanced game play.  Space permitting, you may upgrade up to 12 players to the VIP stations for $100 for your group for a two-hour event.